Join the 2023 “Moonro” Step Challenge and Spacewalk to the Moon

Peakers, this is mission control calling… we’ve conquered Scottish Munros, we walked the circumference of the earth, now it’s time to blast off for our biggest challenge ever. 

Our mission: a spacewalk to the moon! 

It’s a whopping 500 million steps, which is about 384,000 kilometers or 239,000 miles, so we’ll need every Peaker on board to complete the journey. You can take part wherever you are on Earth — every step counts! Whether it’s striding to work or pacing around the living room, all steps are added to our team total — taking us past space stations, satellites and asteroids to the lunar surface. 

This year’s challenge is for a stellar cause — every step will fund vital blood cancer research into leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma — will you help raise an astronomical sum? 

Who knows… maybe we’ll have enough steps to make the return journey? 

Might as well shoot for the moon!

Why it’s so important to get involved!

Every step counts because they help fund Blood Cancer UK, a charity that supports the 250,000 people living with blood cancer in the UK and funds critical research that benefits patients worldwide. Blood cancers include leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma – and your steps will help fund research into each type.

Just like the global community of Peakers who come together to achieve their goals, Blood Cancer UK has partnerships with blood cancer charities across the world – so with every step you’ll be supporting people with blood cancer wherever they are.

You’ll be walking to the moon during September’s blood cancer awareness month – so every time you share your challenge, you’ll be raising awareness of blood cancer and helping change lives.

How do I join in?

We can’t wait to welcome you to the team! Joining is easy — just set up a JustGiving page and make sure it’s connected to this page. You can enter your steps manually on your page after logging the steps on any smart device you choose to use.   

Solo, or as a group, it’s up to you how you tackle the challenge. Share your JustGiving page, ask for sponsors, and get out there and blast off to the moon. 

You can get your limited edition 2023 Munro Step Challenge Shirts here!


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